A war against violence By Sana Raziq Grade 10

A war against violence By Sana Raziq Grade 10

A long time ago Lora was walking alone on the road. It was nighttime and it was raining heavily. Lora was afraid of the dark night. She was looking for a lift. But there was no one there to help her.
She saw a bus station but she couldn’t see anyone there. There was silence everywhere. She took some rest on the bench. When she sat down suddenly she saw a light. She was very happy. She thought that there is someone. She reached that place very quickly.

When she reached there she saw that there was a gang of people. They were pushing a girl into the truck. But the girl didn’t want to go with them. She was crying and shouting for help. But there was no one to save the girl from that gang. Lora walked inside to see the girl she realized that there were a lot of girls, more than a hundred girls in the truck. She was very shocked. But she couldn’t do anything alone.

After some time the gangsters went from there to eat some food. Lora walked slowly slowly and she reached the girls. She saw the girls from a hole. All the girls there were happy to see Lora. The girls were stopping Lora to come to them. All the girls were saying to Lora that she had to run from there. These are bad people. They would catch you like us. But Lora was a kind girl. She couldn’t leave the girls in trouble.

She decided to help the girls. She made a plan with the girls. She opened the door of the truck and said “Run girls run” and all the girls started running. Lora and another girl were looking at the gangsters and Suddenly one of them came near the truck to check on the girls. He realized that the girls were running from there. He shouted loudly and called his gang. They all were searching for girls. Luckily Lora found a bus all the girls sat on the bus. Lora was successful to save the girls from the gang. She was very happy but totally unknown of the upcoming danger.

All the girls and Lora were tired they all slept. The driver of the bus was the companion of the gangsters. He again brought them to the gangsters. When Lora woke up she was locked in a room. All the girls were locked in the next room. Lora stood up and started knocking at the door. One man came into the room she gave her food. Lora picked a stone and threw it on his head. All of a sudden, he fell on the ground and died. All the other companions didn’t know about that accident. She slowly came out of the room and opened the door of the other girls’ room. The girls wanted to run from there but Lora stopped them and said why you guys are running stop here and fight with them. Do you want other girls to suffer from the pain you went through? You have to fight. Lora saw guns hanging on the wall. She took all the guns and gave them to the girls. They started firing. After some time they killed all their enemies. They all sat in a truck and went back to their home. All the girls were orphans. Lora made an NGO for the girls. From that time they all started helping needy girls.

Sana Raziq

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