Eradication of poverty And rural women

Eradication of poverty And rural women

By; Sidra Aziz
As we know, poverty is increasing day by day in our country. The primary reason for increasing poverty is overpopulation. Rural women play an essential role in ending poverty in society. They work day and night with their men. The rural women also take part in farming. But the rural women are uneducated. This is the main reason that all of their efforts to end poverty are in vain. The rural women stitch the clothes and make beautiful designs. These designs are liked in big cities and are a source of earnings. We can export these dresses to other countries. In farming, they do work equal to their men.

But still, there is inequality in society that they don’t get an education. Therefore, their duties are limited. If they get an education, they can do business. They can take part in many activities but only if they are educated. They are not enjoying equal rights. I think instead of inequality, they are trying their best to end poverty in their homes and society. They are selling things like bangles, nose pins, earrings, and other stitching things like needles and threads, etc. We can export rural women’s made things rural women’s made things and can end poverty in society.
As we know, women have to be involved in every field of life for our progress. So we should provide them equal rights because men and women are a whole. One is incomplete without the other. And our country will make progress by leaps and bounds if men and women are equally involved in its development.

By; Sehrish Ismail
As now- a – days Pakistan is facing the challenges of poverty. So, it’s important to eradicate poverty to ensure a strong economy. Empowering rural women is very important to end hunger and poverty. If they have secure access to the resources of education and rural development projects, they have the great ability to improve the economic condition with better economic status. Women’s confidence and self-esteem increase; that’s why they become more involved in the community. Mostly, the rural areas of Pakistan are facing the problems of poverty because the rural women are uneducated, but they have a great capacity to do better work.
They have no chances to participate in business programs and in large factories with men due to inequality among men and women. So, firstly, we should remove the concept of inequality in our society. Secondly, we should provide them with proper opportunities to get an education and participate in companies to show their abilities.
As women play an important role in every field of life, they can also reduce poverty by working with farmers to ensure good crop fields. In this way, they can develop better economy in our country. Mostly, the famous designers are rural women because they have the capabilities to create new designs and to work nicely. This is also a way to end poverty in society when women use their skills in a better way.

By; Dua Gillani
Poverty is very common in Pakistan. We are facing poverty, mostly in rural areas. This is due to a lack of facilities and education. In rural areas, the politicians are not cooperative, and the people are helpless. They can’t do anything against them because they are poor.
Nowadays, the women in village areas want to do something for themself and their children. They take steps to study and be independent. In my area, most women start their businesses and also do work outside in the field and get money. In every season, they have facilities to earn money, like cotton season and all. They collect money and make something of gold and also invest in any business, like buying animals and making a farm.
The women of the village are very talented and active, and they are very perfect in embroidery, making dresses on order from big cities. They put their money in kameti and get more, and after they invest in this way, they get over poverty and control their circumstances.

By; Iqra Hussain
Poverty become a big problem on a large scale in Pakistan. Due to this issue, our country is considered a developing country. Poverty arises due to unemployment, bad policies, and injustice among the public, according to present research in Pakistan. About 50% of the public are unemployed. About 30% have left the country and went abroad to earn. The remaining 20% of people are employed.
Countries go into the development phase when they don’t have their own industries own work. Same as this, our country imports many things from others instead of making them in their own country. As we know, Pakistan is an agricultural country. We can grow all things in our own country instead of importing. A country cannot grow and progress when they don’t have their own material that is necessary for progress. Pakistan has a lot of opportunities to make progress. But, due to wrong policies and an imbalance of rights among the public. We are not growing. The standard of education is going down nowadays. The present condition of education is that people who have done their master’s in specialization are jobless. Everyone has to become a master of doing everything.
A good example of this is rural women. They can do any work from which they can earn money and complete their basic needs. They do work in the field and other work. Then, I noticed that rural women are good examples for us in the eradication of poverty because they have a lot of fun to earn money. If the standard of one skill is going down. Then, they can do other work to earn money and support their families to overcome poverty.

By; Jaweria Noor
Poverty is a major problem in Pakistan, especially in rural areas. It is something that makes the people helpless. But their selves are the major cause of poverty. Noting is impossible in this world. But everything becomes possible by doing hard work. As a great philosopher says:
“Freedom is not given; it is won.”
Some like this, poverty will not be eradicated on its own if we are firmly resolute to put an end to poverty. Then, we will succeed in doing so. Everyone knows that, in the present era, the competition has become too tough. So if men and women both will compete together, then they will be able to survive. In this regard, the women should help their men. But it will be possible if men support and encourage them. In rural areas, the women are not educated, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. Rather, they work hard in fields. But if they get an education, they can earn more money easily. They will make more progress. An educated woman will support her whole family.
A ruler said:
“Give me an educated mother, and I will give you an educated nation.”

By; Kiran Shehzadi
Poverty is a very sad thing for the poor people. Due to poverty, people do not have a good education, especially rural women. Because of poverty, they cannot go to school to get an education. There are many causes of poverty; firstly, we should overcome the causes of poverty. The main causes of poverty are government bad policies, inflation, unemployment, foreign investment, etc., because, in Pakistan, many people are living below the poverty line. Their monthly income is 600/- per month, and in this, a family can’t subsist.
Therefore, rural parents ask their children to child labour. In cities, women have good opportunities, but in the countryside, rural women are not getting an education due to poverty because they have no proper mindset for getting a good education. Suppose we are successful in eradicating poverty, then no one can stop us from progress. Rural women can play a positive role in the progress of the country and also in the eradication of poverty if they have a good education.

By: Muqadas Bilal
Poverty is a thing that makes the people helpless. It is spreading day by day, especially in back areas where the people have no proper means of earning. So they feel helpless. They have no means to earn and to fulfil their basic needs. The people living in back areas. They must educate their girls for the eradication of poverty. Because when they get the education. They will get the job, and if they get the job, they will help their family with money when the girls get an education. Then, they become independent. They will be able to get jobs and fulfil their basic needs without becoming a burden on their families. In this way, we can lessen the poverty.
But people have the mindset they consider that the education of women is not so important. They consider that she just stayed at home and did the home tasks. It is not a good thing. They have a right to education. But mostly, people do not give them that right. Suppose they support the women or girls. She can do better than men. If we take firm resolute for the education of girls, it will show better results. Educated women help to decrease poverty by doing some jobs and earning money.

Editor Note: Sonia Khan, Sehrish Ismail, Kiran Shezadi, Muqadas Bilal, Jaweria Noor & Dua Gillani, students of Tareen Education Foundation’s core school, submitted these articles. We have made specific revisions following the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.


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