“Which rights should the girls in my grade have?”

“Which rights should the girls in my grade have?”

By; Humaira Talib

Human rights are moral principles that establish certain standards of human behavior. These rights encompass education, employment, property ownership, freedom of speech and movement, and safety. The relationship between parents and children is intertwined, with both parties having rights and responsibilities. Parents have the right to be obeyed and respected by their children, while it is their duty to provide for their children’s basic needs such as food, proper development, education, and even marriage. Furthermore, parents should allow their children the freedom to choose their own career paths according to their desires.

In some societies, there is a disparity between the treatment of boys and girls. Sons may be provided with more opportunities and resources than daughters. However, this is not solely the fault of parents; societal norms and expectations also play a significant role. In many developing countries, girls are often discouraged from pursuing education due to societal beliefs that educated girls may defy tradition and disregard parental authority. Additionally, poverty exacerbates this issue, as some parents may prioritize their daughters’ financial contributions over their education.

To address these challenges, governments should intervene by providing financial assistance, such as stipends, to economically disadvantaged girls, enabling them to access education. As George Eastman once said, “The progress of the world depends almost entirely upon education,” emphasizing the importance of government efforts to improve the education system.

Parents should also have faith in their daughters and trust that they will make responsible decisions. Girls should have equal rights to education, career choices, employment opportunities, and the freedom to live according to their own wishes. They should not be confined to the home but empowered to pursue their aspirations and contribute to society.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by Humaira Talib, a student of Amina Girls Higher Secondary School – AGS. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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