If you have $1000 to spend, what’s will you buy?

If you have $1000 to spend, what’s will you buy?

Written By: Sehrish Ismail

When the question is asked, “How do you spend money?” Then, every person thinks about fulfilling his basic needs or aspirations for which he has passion. If I have one thousand dollars, firstly, I will donate a little money to Maddrassah for the poor children’s studies. In this way, I can help needy people and get their prayers for my good luck.

Secondly, I will buy a laptop for online business because I have good computer and English communication skills, so, by freelancing, I can continue my studies and pursue my goals. After that, I will use the remaining money for my passion, which is to become proficient in using the piano and guitar because whenever I listen to music, I desire to learn this skill. I get real feelings and peace of mind from listening to music. Although I also have a lovely voice, I still need to learn to play the piano and the guitar. In this way, I will spend money to increase my expertise.

Written By: Kiran Shehzadi

If I have $1000 to spend, the first thing I like to buy is tickets to Umrah for myself and my parents. I tackle this and go to perform Umrah. The second step that I take is to invest my money because we don’t know about our morrows. After that, I like to think about myself. I will also buy a gold locket and bracelet. After that, my family and I visit different cities, and there, I will buy gifts for my siblings.

By doing this, I will likely buy new dresses for my grandparents and take many prayers from them. I bought a new bicycle for my younger sister. I will buy a new maxi in skin color, shoes, and jewelry. I will buy a new gown and some cosmetic items. After that, I will buy a garland of roses for my respected teachers. I like to buy food and other essential things for the poor people. Because it is inherited to help others.

I will buy bricks for the construction of the mosque. The other thing is that everyone wants to eat something new. I like to go to restaurants with my family and eat there because our happiness is incomplete without our family. In the end, if I have money, I will give it to a needy person as a debt, and when I need it, I will get it.

Written By: Zahra Batool

Today, everyone has an idea or plan for how and where to spend their money. Like girls, they spend their cash, usually buying cosmetic products, rarely purchasing something for the home, such as clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. However, only some girls preserve their money. If I talk about myself, I am one of those who keep their cash. And when I see that I can benefit from this money, I will use it for that purpose. Once, I was questioned, “If I have only 1,000 dollars to spend, what will I buy?”

I remained quiet for a while, then I said I would buy a watch for myself and invest the remaining cash because I firmly believe that “investment is the key to the exchequer.” I’ll look up how much profit I can make by investing in any business on Google. And then, I will definitely invest my remaining cash in the industry to get more benefits. Every person should think twice before spending money on anything because once you use your money for the wrong purpose, regret remains the only thing that remains behind. So, thinking twice is better than regretting.

Written By: Sidra Aziz 

Today, everyone needs money to fulfill their basic needs, wishes, and desires. Every person wants to become rich. Being a girl who has money, if a girl has money, she will spend it on makeup and other beauty things to look pretty. But here the question is related to me: what will I do if I have a handsome amount? Firstly, I will give money to my parents because I desire that when I do my job, I will properly take care of my father.

Then, I will spend money on my education. I will buy a laptop and a good-quality smartphone. I will complete my education to become an expert, skilled, and independent person. After that, I will donate my money to the poor and needy. I will help them fulfill their basic needs. And the most crucial thing they want is education. I will try my best to educate them.

Then, I will spend money on myself and my family because my family is my strength.

Written By: Sonia Khan

You know about the current condition of our country. Nowadays, our country has many issues, like poverty, which is the biggest issue. Today’s poor and employed have nothing to eat, nothing to wear, and enough money to fulfill their needs. In our country, many people are rich. Some help people experiencing poverty, and some fill their nests by hook or crook.

If I have a lot of money, firstly, I would like to go to the bazaar to buy dresses, shoes, and other things we need. Then, I will go to the poor people who are needy and unemployed. Then, I will give something to people experiencing poverty. When they see these things, they will become happy and give me many best wishes. So when I see them happy, I will become happy. Then, I will be able to help people experiencing poverty, and I am also excited. I am fortunate, as I am the source of happiness for low-income people. I will not buy expensive dresses and shoes; I will purchase simple, low-cost dresses and other things. So, when I have a lot of money, I try to help the needy and poor. When I help them, I will feel happy, so it’s also a source of happiness for me.

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