Is Celebrity Culture Harmless or Harmful?

Is Celebrity Culture Harmless or Harmful?

By Sehrish Ismail

Celebrity culture is a business relationship through which superstars gain social power and glory to sell intimacy to the audience. Celebrity culture has widely spread worldwide and has harmless and harmful effects on society. On the positive side, celeb culture has broadened our thinking and boosted our confidence. Celebrities such as actors, actresses, sportsmen, and show hosts serve as role models in our society and play a vital role in supporting charities, education, and health departments by contributing generous amounts of money. In this way, celebrity culture promotes humanitarian relations in our society, helps us perceive the world from different perspectives, and motivates us to make sound decisions. Today, this culture is used as a source of entertainment, which aids people in overcoming depression. The achievements of celebrities inspire our youth to work hard and pursue their dreams in reality.

Is Celebrity Culture Harmless or Harmful

However, celebrity culture harms our society. It promotes a materialistic culture and an unrealistic body image for our youth. In their pursuit of looking slim and beautiful like celebrities, they adopt unhealthy diets. Additionally, it diverts our attention from our goals and keeps us detached from the real world. This primarily affects our youth, who are too engrossed in celebrities, spending their entire day watching them on TV or mobile devices.
Consequently, their focus on their goals remains the same. Since social media often highlights the negative and fake aspects of celebrities’ lives, it can lead to depression among people. However, it ultimately depends on how we follow celebrity culture because it has positive and negative aspects. Therefore, I suggest that our society take the celebrity culture for inspiration and entertainment.

Editor’s Note

This story was submitted by Sehrish Ismail, a student of Tareen Education Foundation’s core school. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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