Is homeschooling good for students?

Is homeschooling good for students?

By Jaweria Noor

Homeschooling means getting an education at home. Some people hire a tutor at home for the education of their children. In this way, students achieve high marks in their exams. Because they focus on their studies. But they need help when they go abroad or to any other city for higher education.

First, the lack of confidence creates many troubles for them. They need clarification to talk with anyone. They are unable to create a relationship between them and the people. They feel hesitation when they have conversations with their teachers and other students. Even they cannot make their friends. But we need friends in every way. It’s too difficult to live without friends. Friends are like second families. Thus, they cannot pay for their higher education.
Secondly, they need to be made aware of classroom rules. They have no discipline, patience, or understanding. As they got their education at home, they faced no trouble there.

Education does not mean only getting good results; it means knowing everything. The school’s students have a more diverse learning environment there. Students from different backgrounds and socioeconomic states attend school, creating a rich and varied classroom experience. These students learn about unity and become kindhearted, open-minded, loyal, generous, reliable, enthusiastic, friendly, and extroverted. All these qualities are essential for every student. However, homeschooling students need more of these things and can complete the world. So, this mistaken ambition is parents’ fault, as they do not send their children to school.

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