Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

by Sehrish Ismail

Once upon a time, there lived a lovely girl with her mother in a village near the forest. Her grandmo

ther gifted her red hood, a beautiful and fitting present that she wore all the time. Consequently, people began calli

ng her “Little Red Riding Hood.”

One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother requested her to take a basket of soft cakes and a bowl of soup to her sick grandmother in a nearby village. She advised her daughter, “Daughter, go straight and avoid talking to strangers.” Little Red Riding Hood heard her mother’s counsel and replied, “Don’t worry, mother, I will remLittle Red Riding Hoodember your advice.” With the soup and cakes in hand, the girl set out for her grandmother’s house.

During her journey, she passed through a dense forest. Suddenly, a cunning wolf appeared before her, politely inquiring, “Hello, sweet girl, who are you and what brings you to this deep forest?” The little girl replied, “My name is Little Red Hood, and I am on my way to deliver cake and soup to my sick grandmother.”

The cunning wolf, feeling hungry, realized that consuming the girl alone wouldn’t satiate its appetite. Its plan formed: he would eat the old grandmother first and then the little girl. To accomplish this, it had to re

ach the grandmother’s house ahead of Little Red Riding Hood. Thus, he devised a scheme to keep the girl occupied. The wolf suggested, “There are many beautiful flowers in this forest. You should gather some for your grandmother. It will make her happy.” Little Red Riding Hood liked the idea and went off to pick flowers.

Meanwhile, the cunning wolf arrived at the grandmother’s house. It knocked on the door and mimicked the girl’s voice, saying, “Granny, it’s me, Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve brought you cake and soup.” The unsuspecting grandmother replied, “Dear granddaughter, come in.” As the wolf entered, the grandmother fainted in fear.

Just then, Little Red Riding Hood arrived and knocked on the door, asking, “Grandma, may I come in?” The sly wolf replied in a falsetto voice, “Yes, dear granddaughter, come in.” In the meantime, the wolf had swallowed the grandmother whole.

Upon entering the house, Little Red Riding Hood noticed something odd.  “Grandma, why do your ears look so big?” she inquired hesitantly. The cunning wolf responded, “My dear granddaughter, these big ears help me hear well.” Further questions followed: “Why are your eyes so big?” The wolf answered, “My dear, these big eyes help me see well.” Finally, Little Red Riding Hood asked, “Why is your mouth so big?” The wolf’s chilling reply came, “My big mouth is for devouring you better,” followed by a terrifying laugh.

The girl got scared hearing this and tried to run away screaming for help but the wolf caught her and quickly swallowed her too.

The wolf fell asleep after swallowing the girl. Meanwhile, a hunter named Henley, on a hunting trip, passed by the grandmother’s house and heard the wolf snoring. Alarmed, he entered the house, finding the wolf asleep and the grandmother missing. Concerned for her safety, Henley decided not to kill the wolf immediately, suspecting it might have consumed the grandmother.

Henley struck the wolf’s head to render it unconscious, and then carefully cut open its belly with a sharp knife. Inside, he discovered both the old woman and the girl, miraculously still alive.  After giving them water and comfort when both became conscious grandmother and little girl told to Henley all about the incident and then Henley devised a plan to punish the wolf.


He filled the wolf’s belly with heavy stones and a sturdy rope. When the wolf woke up, it couldn’t bear the weight and was immobilized. Begging for help, the wolf was met with refusal, as both the old woman and Little Red Riding Hood knew it was a dangerous predator. Eventually, the wolf perished in that house.

Grateful, Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood thanked Hunter Hanley. Little Red Riding Hood vowed, “I will always heed my mother’s advice and never engage with strangers.

Editor’s Note For Little Red Riding Hood

This story was submitted by Sehrish Ismail, a student of Tareen Education Foundation’s core school. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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