My Village

My Village

By, Sidra Aziz

A village is a small town situated near the Galewal, Lodhran. Usually, it consists of a few small huts and mud houses. But today, in this modern era, villages are also changing. The village I am living in is “Sahai/Channu Shahbaz.” Sidra Aziz My Village
In my opinion, It is named Sahai because almost all the people living here belong to the Sial family. What is the place of women in my village? Women are treated softly because everyone knows their rights. The girls in my village are educated.
They have their own jobs and lives. But In the same way, some restrictions are also for them. Some families don’t educate their girls due to their low income. Such people are close-minded. They think if they educate their girls, then they will become nonsensical. But almost all the women are enjoying their rights in my village. All the people in my village have their own fields and grow vegetables for themselves. In this way, people get fresh food and have good health. I like my village due to its greenery.
The green fields and seasonal crops make the environment neat and clean. The facilities in my village are limited. There is one shop in my village that fulfills the basic needs. There is a primary school in my village. Due to the lack of facilities, I considered it a small village, but in my imagination, it is a broken modern village. When we walk on the road, we feel like we are jumping. When I’m independent, I’ll change my village. I will repair the roads.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by Sidra Aziz, a student of Amina Girls Higher Secondary School – AGS. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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