Our environment issues

Our environment issues

Zahra Batool

The greatest threat to our environment is “pollution.” There are numerous classes of pollution which are a request to our environment. Pollution can be in the air, water, and soil. It also can be noise pollution. We are learning and knowing about pollution from grade 3, but still, we are playing our chief role in spreading pollution. However, we are the ones who are polluting water, polluting the air with chemicals, and polluting our soil with unwanted substances.

Today, our air is full of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins. Breathing in this impure air is risky because it can cause many hazardous health infections. The water is also polluted because factories are disposed of water. The waste and sewage are thrown into the water. About 70% of water is polluted, and only 30% is pure of 1% of total water. The soil contains the waste material. Plastic, container, can, and bottles are thrown on the soil. It makes the soil polluted.

Due to air, about 99.82% of global land is exposed to particulate matter 2.5. About half of our land, water, and soil are polluted, which is today’s most significant request to our environment. We should take preventive steps to reduce pollution. Because it has been nearby for a few years, pollution can be fatal for humanity. Firstly, using fewer vehicles and walking on your feet will be good for your health and pollution-free. Bury waste material on land will save the land and water. Don’t dispose of the chemicals directly into the ground and seawater. These preventive measures will definitely help us to overcome this situation.

Editor’s Note

This story was submitted by Zahra batool, a student of Tareen Education Foundation’s core school. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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