Responsibilities of Youth

Responsibilities of Youth

You know there are many responsibilities of youth. Some are discussed below:
Firstly, they should be responsible for their studies. Youth is the asset of any nation. If the youth of any country is responsible, then that country makes excellent progress. Our leader, Quaid-Azam, said to the youth: “Do work, work, and work.”

It shows that if our youth work honestly, we make significant progress. They should also be responsible for their house task. They should help their parents. They should follow the discipline. Because if the youth or students of any nation are well disciplined, it will be good for the nation. Youth should follow the rules of traffic and many others. Youth should help people experiencing poverty. If they have some resources or can help, they must help people experiencing poverty. Ultimately, the development of any country depends on the youth. If the youth of any country is responsible and well-disciplined, then the country makes progress by leaps and bounds. So, we should be responsible and work hard for our country, Pakistan. We should invest our potential or talent in the development of our country.

Written By: Muqadas Bilal

The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Youth is the hope of our bright future. If the youth is strong, talented, and skillful, the country will progress by leaps and bounds. Youth are responsible for building the nation through their mental and expertness. We should allow them to create change and challenge them to be the real hope for the progress of our country. But firstly, they are expected to perform their responsibilities.

First, youth should get an education honestly because education is the basis of every success. If our youngsters are educated, then they will make the right decision. Secondly, love for their country is an essential responsibility of our youth because if their hearts are filled and brightened with the love of their country, they can take better steps for its glory. Youth should have strong communication skills and never stop learning. Because youth are expected to advance the current technology and culture. In this way, our youth can be proven to help develop a good nation.

Written By: Sehrish Ismail

In the present era, as we know, youth have various responsibilities. Youth is the backbone of a country. If the youth of a country is performing well, then that country will definitely make progress. Every country depends upon its youth for its progress. The youth should take part in many suitable activities. Students are the most essential part of youth. Students can play a vital role in making society affluent. No doubt, the primary concern of the students is their studies, but they must realize their duties as responsible citizens.

They must participate in various welfare activities for the supreme interest of society. Today’s youth should spend their time in constructive activities for the benefit of humanity. At times of crisis, their help becomes even more urgent. Youth should extend sanitation services. They should keep their houses clean. They should organize sanitation events in schools, parks, villages, towns and cities. The youth should also persuade others to obey laws and avoid social evils. In this regard, they should highlight the noxious harms of social evils.

Youth should launch aggressive campaigns against the evils of smoking, corruption, terrorism, hoarding, beggary, child labor, and dowry. They should work for the eradication of these evils from society. Tree plantation is another excellent responsibility of youth. They should plant trees to make their environment neat and clean. In short, if the youth in some countries are responsible, well-disciplined, law-abiding, and perform their duties honestly. Then, that country will make progress by leaps and bounds.

But nowadays, the youth need to perform their activities better. So I pray to ALLAH almighty for their better working. And performance.

Written By: Sidra Aziz

The responsibility is our significant duty. Everyone has their own duties. Some people do their duties with passion. They want to do their duties very well. Because they think that it enhances their health and activates their minds. Let’s talk about youth; today, youth are primarily irresponsible because they are lazy they do not want to do their work. They hire another person for their personal work.

Let me tell you that our youth are also energetic in their work. Youth’s laziness can be dangerous shortly. They always run from their responsibilities. If a student is in grade 12, he will definitely be lazy in doing their home tasks, or if a person of age 21 is working in some company, he will definitely wish for a lavish life. When he gets used to it, he will not work by heart and, with his will, will never become responsible. But youth need to become responsible because they will decide the future of their country by their work.

Written By: Dua Gillani

Woefully, youth is the backbone of our country. That means without youth, the country can’t develop. Youth are responsible for its doing. It’s their vital responsibility. However, today, the youth are irresponsible because they want to fulfill their nest by hook or crook. The youth age is between 15 to 30. It’s also known as their growing age in, this duration of 15 years.

The youth will determine their future and also their county’s future. The imminent youth is accountable for their responsibilities. Towards their country or are they meeting the obligation or not. Kids, elders, and a total of half of the population are dependent on youth. The youth should definitely fulfill their responsibilities. Responsibilities of youth include the value of time, discipline, rules, laws, and many more acts. If youth will value time today, then youth will definitely succeed. “Value time today.”

Because we all know:
“It’s useless to cry over spilled milk.”
A teenager should be disciplined and accountable. Follows the rules and acts on laws. The youth is a role model. And if a role model is perfect, everyone will try to be like the youth.

Written By: Zahra Batool

Responsibility means doing what you are supposed to do and accepting the result of your action. If you have responsibilities, it is your job or duty to deal with them and to make decisions relating to them. Youth is an essential part of a nation. If the youth is hard to work, then the nation will progress. If the youth is lazy, then the nation will go to destruction. Every youth takes their responsibilities from their childhood life. Every nation does progress when youth is responsible.

There are many responsibilities of the youth of youth. The youth play a vital role in shaping our society. They are the ones who provide much-needed insights about what works and what might not work for a particular community. As such, their ideas and words can influence peers, adults, and even policy decisions. They can learn and adapt to the environment. Our youth can bring social reform and improvement to society. We must do with the youth of the country. There are few golden responsibilities of youth in today’s era.

  • Value of time: it is the responsibility of youth to understand the importance of time.
  • Discipline: youth has to understand the necessity of discipline in life.
  • Thinking before taking action.
  • Character Driven: character builds up a nation.

But due to developmental technology, our youth is again astray from the right way. They forget their responsibilities. They become addicted to technology. The government must take many steps against the bad and misuse of technology. Otherwise, a nation cannot make progress. Youth is happy because it can see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Written By: Iqra Hussain

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