Self-Reflection on personal Growth

“Self-Reflection on personal Growth”

By; Kiran Shehzadi

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Aqsa who felt stuck in her life. Despite possessing wealth, status, and a thriving career, she was discontent with her job, her relationship, and even herself. Constantly stressed and anxious, she felt as though she was living a life that wasn’t truly hers. One day, Aqsa’s friend, Iram, sat her down and asked her a simple question: ‘What makes you happy?’ Aqsa was taken aback. She hadn’t thought about that in years, realizing she was living according to others’ expectations rather than her own desires. This conversation sparked something within Aqsa. She began to reflect on her life, her values, and her goals. She started journaling, meditating, and seeking feedback from trusted friends and family.
She began asking herself tough questions: What are my strengths and weaknesses? What are my hobbies? What are my passions and interests? What kind of person do I want to be? As Aqsa delved deeper into self-reflection, she discovered a new passion for fashion design and makeup artistry. She pursued training in these areas and started her own business. Finally, she found happiness. Recognizing that she had been neglecting her physical and mental health, she began exercising and practicing mindfulness.
The more Aqsa reflected and grew, the more she realized that she had been living a life inauthentic to herself. She began prioritizing her own needs and desires, leading to genuine happiness. This story teaches us that self-reflection is key to personal growth. Regularly examining our thoughts, feelings, and actions helps identify areas for improvement and development. It underscores the importance of self-awareness and embracing challenges as avenues for growth. Personal growth is a continuous process, so be willing to take risks and try new things to challenge yourself and foster growth.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by Kiran Shehzadi, a student of Amina Girls Higher Secondary School – AGS. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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