Skilled since childhood.

Skilled since childhood

By, Jaweria Noor

All people contain something within them, which is known as skill. Skill is the ability to do something well. No one is perfect, so everyone has some strengths and weaknesses. In short, when someone realizes their talent, it becomes their skill. Skills are important because they allow us to improve attributes and qualities vital to effective workplace performance. By developing skills, we can also begin our path to personal development, which can help us maximize our potential and achieve career goals in record time.
Many people believe that they don’t have a talent. Like this, I also consider that I have no talent. But when I enrolled in my new school in the 3rd grade, there was a period of making clay pots. I was fond of making different clay pots. Our master made clay pots by using a wooden machine. I learned this method faster than the other students. Even at home, I spend my whole day making pots by hand. Then I also colored them. I always kept those pots safe.
It was a skill of my childhood. But as I grew up, this skill changed into drawing because there is also an imagination in making clay pots. With time, I enhanced my drawing skills. Once, there was an art competition in my school. I took part and won the first prize. As skills are ways of achieving goals, So, this drawing skill helps in graphic design. Because of this skill, I am now a good graphic designer.

Editor’s Note: This story was submitted by Jaweria Noor, a student of Amina Girls Higher Secondary School – AGS. We have made certain revisions in accordance with the rules and regulations of writing to enhance the story’s coherence and flow.

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